Itel Flash File For All Model Latest Firmware (Stock ROM)

Download the Itel flash file for all models. Here all Stock ROM and firmware files given for Itel phones are official original files given by the Itel company. All the firmware of Itel is in a zip file, Itel USB driver, and Itel FlashTool are also given in the file folder.

If you want to download the original firmware of Itel Mobiles and want to flash, then this page is a great help for you, here you have been given complete information about Itel flash files as well as how to flash the phone.

Download All Model Itel Flash File (Stock ROM)

Itel PhoneLink
Itel A510W Download
Itel S661LPNDownload
Itel 1350Download
Itel 1351Download
Itel 1351EDownload
Itel 1352Download
Itel 1353Download
Itel 1400Download
Itel 1401Download
Itel 1402Download
Itel 1403Download
Itel 1404Download
Itel 1405Download
Itel 1406Download
Itel 1407Download
Itel 1408Download
Itel 1450Download
Itel 1451Download
Itel 1452Download
Itel 1500Download
Itel 1501Download
Itel 1502Download
Itel 2020Download
Itel 2080Download
Itel 2090Download
Itel 5010Download
Itel 5330Download
Itel 5620Download
Itel 6004Download
Itel 6800Download
Itel A11Download
Itel A12Download
Itel A13 PlusDownload
Itel A14Download
Itel A14SDownload
Itel A15Download
Itel A15RDownload
Itel A16Download
Itel A16PlusDownload
Itel A16SDownload
Itel A20Download
Itel A21Download
Itel A22Download
Itel A22 ProDownload
Itel A23Download
Itel A31Download
Itel A31 PlusDownload
Itel A32FDownload
Itel A33 Download
Itel A35 W5002Download
Itel A40Download
Itel A41Download
Itel A41 PlusDownload
Itel A42 PlusDownload
Itel A43Download
Itel A44Download
Itel A44 AirDownload
Itel A44 PowerDownload
Itel A44 ProDownload
Itel A45Download
Itel A47 L5505Download
Itel A48 L6006LDownload
Itel A51Download
Itel A52Download
Itel A52 LiteDownload
Itel A52BDownload
Itel A52S LiteDownload
Itel A55 LTE L6003PDownload
Itel A55 W6003Download
Itel A62Download
Itel Alpha Lite W5008Download
Itel Alpha W5503Download
Itel it1355Download
Itel it1409Download
Itel IT1410Download
Itel it1450EDownload
Itel it1453Download
Itel it1460 ProDownload
Itel it1500Download
Itel it1501Download
Itel it1502Download
Itel it1503Download
Itel it1505Download
Itel it1506Download
Itel it1507Download
Itel it1508 Download
Itel it1508 PlusDownload
Itel it1511Download
Itel it1512Download
Itel it1513Download
Itel it1516 PlusDownload
Itel It1518Download
Itel it1520Download
Itel it1550Download
Itel it1551Download
Itel IT1553Download
Itel it1556Download
Itel IT1556 PlusDownload
Itel IT1655Download
Itel it1701Download
Itel it1702Download
Itel It1703Download
Itel it2020Download
Itel it2080Download
Itel it2090Download
Itel it2100Download
Itel it2100SDownload
Itel it2110Download
Itel it2123VDownload
Itel it2130Download
Itel it2130BDownload
Itel it2150Download
Itel IT2160Download
Itel IT2160NDownload
Itel it2160SDownload
Itel it2161Download
Itel IT2162Download
Itel it2163Download
Itel it2163DDownload
Itel IT2170Download
Itel it2171Download
Itel IT2172Download
Itel it2173Download
Itel it2173BDownload
Itel it2180Download
Itel it2182Download
Itel it2190Download
Itel it2191Download
Itel it2191BDownload
Itel it2192Download
Itel it2310Download
Itel it2320Download
Itel it2320BDownload
Itel it2560Download
Itel IT2570Download
Itel it2590Download
Itel it4510Download
Itel IT5010Download
Itel it5020Download
Itel it5022Download
Itel IT5023Download
Itel it5024Download
Itel it5025Download
Itel it5026 Download
Itel it5040Download
Itel IT5040BDownload
Itel IT5050Download
Itel it5060Download
Itel it5070Download
Itel it5071Download
Itel it5080Download
Itel it5081Download
Itel it5090Download
Itel it5090bDownload
Itel IT5091Download
Itel IT5092Download
Itel it5160Download
Itel it5190Download
Itel it5220 Download
Itel IT5230Download
Itel it5231Download
Itel it5231NDownload
Itel it5232Download
Itel IT5233Download
Itel it5250Download
Itel it5250BDownload
Itel it5260NDownload
Itel IT5311Download
Itel IT5331Download
Itel it5360Download
Itel it5600Download
Itel it5602Download
Itel IT5605Download
Itel IT5605NDownload
Itel IT5606Download
Itel it5606BDownload
Itel it5608Download
Itel it5608BDownload
Itel IT5611Download
Itel IT5612Download
Itel it5613Download
Itel IT5616Download
Itel IT5617Download
Itel it5618Download
Itel it5618NDownload
Itel it5620Download
Itel IT5622Download
Itel IT5623Download
Itel it5625Download
Itel it5626Download
Itel IT6110Download
Itel IT6110BDownload
Itel IT6130Download
Itel it6131Download
Itel it6330Download
Itel it6331Download
Itel IT6610Download
Itel it6800Download
Itel it6900Download
Itel IT6910Download
Itel it7100Download
Itel it9301Download
Itel L5002Download
Itel L5502Download
Itel L5503 A46Download
Itel L5503LDownload
Itel L6002P S15 ProDownload
Itel L6005Download
Itel P11Download
Itel P12Download
Itel P13Download
Itel P13 PlusDownload
Itel P31Download
Itel P32Download
Itel P36 W6501Download
Itel P41Download
Itel P51Download
iTel Prime 4Download
Itel S11Download
Itel S11 PlusDownload
Itel S11 ProDownload
Itel S11XDownload
Itel S12Download
Itel S13Download
Itel S13 ProDownload
Itel S21Download
Itel S31Download
Itel S32Download
Itel S32 LTEDownload
Itel S32 MiniDownload
Itel S33Download
Itel S41Download
Itel S42Download
Itel W5005Download
Itel W5005PDownload
Itel W5504 P33Download
Itel W6001 P33 PlusDownload
Itel SA633 W7001 Download
Itel IT9210Download
Itel A571LDownload
Itel A23RDownload
Itel L6502Download
Itel V41 W4001SDownload
Itel W6002 S15Download