Lava Flash File Download For All Models (Stock ROM)

Download Lava Flash File, Stock ROM For all Models, Official Indian Firmware File. Here is the firmware or flash file ROM For Lava Mobile Models available. And the drivers and Flashtools of all are also given. With which you can easily flash any model of Lava phone. Below is a way to flash Lava phones, and complete information about installing the driver. All the links below are direct download links, you can easily download all files without any password.

All Lava Flash files here are official originals verified by Lava Service Center. You can repair the phone with the flash tool by downloading the file of any model of Lava Mobile. You can easily fix all the problems like dead boot recovery, the phone unlocks, FRP BYPASS, etc. Also, lava all keypad mobile flash files are also given from here.

Lava Flash File (Firmware) List:

Lava PhonesFile Link
Lava LMX06Download
Lava R5 Play LF9820Download
Lava Z6 LMX06Download
Lava Z66Download
Lava Z93PDownload
Lava Trio Plus Download
Lava Iris 46 LH9950Download
Lava 41 LN9910Download
Lava C21Download
Lava Iris 43Download
Lava LMG01Download
Lava LMG02Download
Lava LMX02Download
Lava LMX04Download
Lava 34 SuperDownload
Lava 360Download
Lava 500Download
Lava A1Download
Lava A1 LiteDownload
Lava A1 SuperDownload
Lava A10Download
Lava A11Download
Lava A1200Download
Lava A16Download
Lava A2Download
Lava A3Download
Lava A3 MiniDownload
Lava A32Download
Lava A44Download
Lava A48Download
Lava A50Download
Lava A51Download
Lava A52Download
Lava A55Download
Lava A56Download
Lava A59Download
Lava A67Download
Lava A68Download
Lava A7Download
Lava A7 WaveDownload
Lava A71Download
Lava A72Download
Lava A73Download
Lava A76Download
Lava A76 PlusDownload
Lava A77Download
Lava A77NDownload
Lava A77TDownload
Lava A82Download
Lava A88Download
Lava A89Download
Lava A97Download
Lava A97 2GB PlusDownload
Lava A97 IPSDownload
Lava AIS Iris 700Download
Lava Arc 1 StarDownload
Lava ARC101Download
Lava ARC6Download
Lava Atom 2XDownload
Lava B1Download
Lava Captain 4iDownload
Lava Captain 9SDownload
Lava Captain K1 PlusDownload
Lava Captain K2Download
Lava Captain N1Download
Lava Captain N1 LiteDownload
Lava Connect PlusDownload
Lava Connect S005Download
Lava Connect Z7CDownload
Lava Discover 124Download
Lava Discover 128Download
Lava Discover 132Download
Lava Discover128SDownload
Lava E702Download
Lava EG840Download
Lava EG841Download
Lava EG932Download
Lava Elite E8Download
Lava Flair E1Download
Lava Flair E2Download
Lava Flair E3Download
Lava Flair P1Download
Lava Flair P1iDownload
Lava Flair P2Download
Lava Flair P3Download
Lava Flair S1Download
Lava Flair Z1Download
Lava Fuel F1 MiniDownload
Lava Grand 2Download
Lava Grand 2CDownload
Lava HERO 600Download
Lava Iris 100LDownload
Lava Iris 250Download
Lava Iris 30Download
Lava Iris 300 StyleDownload
Lava Iris 310sDownload
Lava Iris 325 StyleDownload
Lava Iris 348Download
Lava Iris 349Download
Lava Iris 349 PlusDownload
Lava Iris 349 SleekDownload
Lava Iris 349iDownload
Lava Iris 349SDownload
Lava Iris 350Download
Lava Iris 350mDownload
Lava Iris 351Download
Lava Iris 352 FlairDownload
Lava Iris 352eDownload
Lava Iris 354Download
Lava Iris 354eDownload
Lava Iris 355Download
Lava Iris 356Download
Lava Iris 360Download
Lava Iris 360 MusicDownload
Lava Iris 370Download
Lava Iris 40Download
Lava Iris 400cDownload
Lava Iris 400QDownload
Lava Iris 400sDownload
Lava Iris 401Download
Lava Iris 401eDownload
Lava Iris 402Download
Lava Iris 402 PlusDownload
Lava Iris 402eDownload
Lava Iris 404 FlairDownload
Lava Iris 404eDownload
Lava Iris 405Download
Lava Iris 405 PlusDownload
Lava Iris 406Q Download
Lava Iris 408eDownload
Lava Iris 41Download
Lava Iris 410Download
Lava Iris 412Download
Lava Iris 414Download
Lava Iris 415Download
Lava Iris 430Download
Lava Iris 444Download
Lava Iris 450Download
Lava Iris 450PDownload
Lava Iris 454Download
Lava Iris 455Download
Lava Iris 456Download
Lava Iris 458QDownload
Lava Iris 460Download
Lava Iris 465Download
Lava Iris 470Download
Lava Iris 49Download
Lava Iris 50Download
Lava Iris 500Download
Lava Iris 500Download
Lava Iris 501Download
Lava Iris 502Download
Lava Iris 503Download
Lava Iris 503eDownload
Lava Iris 504Download
Lava Iris 504QDownload
Lava Iris 504Q PlusDownload
Lava Iris 505Download
Lava Iris 506QDownload
Lava Iris 50CDownload
Lava Iris 51Download
Lava Iris 510Download
Lava Iris 512Download
Lava Iris 515Download
Lava Iris 550Download
Lava Iris 550QDownload
Lava Iris 565Download
Lava Iris 60Download
Lava Iris 60Download
Lava Iris 600Download
Lava Iris 605Download
Lava Iris 65Download
Lava Iris 702Download
Lava Iris 705Download
Lava Iris 755Download
Lava Iris 758Download
Lava iris 80Download
Lava Iris 800Download
Lava Iris 810Download
Lava Iris 820Download
Lava Iris 821Download
Lava Iris 870Download
Lava Iris 88Download
Lava iris 88 goDownload
Lava iris 88 LiteDownload
Lava Iris 880Download
Lava iris 88sDownload
Lava iris 90Download
Lava Iris AlfaDownload
Lava Iris Alfa LDownload
Lava Iris AtomDownload
Lava Iris Atom 2Download
Lava Iris Atom 3Download
Lava Iris Fuel 10Download
Lava Iris Fuel 20Download
Lava Iris Fuel 25Download
Lava Iris Fuel 50Download
Lava Iris Fuel 60Download
Lava Iris Fuel F1Download
Lava Iris Fuel F2Download
Lava Iris IconDownload
Lava Iris N320Download
Lava Iris Pro 20Download
Lava Iris Pro 30Download
Lava Iris Pro 30 PlusDownload
Lava Iris Selfie 50Download
Lava Iris Win1Download
Lava Iris X1Download
Lava iris X1 AtomDownload
Lava Iris X1 BeatsDownload
Lava Iris X1 GrandDownload
Lava Iris X1 MiniDownload
Lava Iris X1 PlusDownload
Lava Iris X1 SelfieDownload
Lava Iris X5Download
Lava Iris X5 4GDownload
Lava Iris X8 LDownload
Lava Iris X8 ProDownload
Lava Ivory SDownload
Lava Ivory SW4Download
Lava Ivory+Download
Lava KKT 40 Power PlusDownload
Lava KKT07Download
Lava KKT08Download
Lava KKT28 StarDownload
Lava Magnum X604Download
Lava MG7Download
Lava N350Download
Lava N400Download
Lava P240Download
Lava P7Download
Lava P7 PlusDownload
Lava PC5002XLDownload
Lava Pixel V1Download
Lava Pixel V2Download
Lava Pixel V2 PlusDownload
Lava Pro 5.0 StarDownload
Lava PulseDownload
Lava QC800Download
Lava Qpad E704Download
Lava Qpad R704Download
Lava R055 ARC4iDownload
Lava R1Download
Lava R1 LiteDownload
Lava R3Download
Lava Spark i7Download
Lava Spark I8Download
Lava T80Download
Lava V2 3GBDownload
Lava V2sDownload
Lava V5Download
Lava Velo PlusDownload
Lava Vox 4SDownload
Lava W7 AISDownload
Lava X1 Atom SDownload
Lava X10Download
Lava X11Download
Lava X17Download
Lava X19Download
Lava X28Download
Lava X28 PlusDownload
Lava X3Download
Lava X38Download
Lava X41 PlusDownload
Lava X50Download
Lava X50 PlusDownload
Lava X50MDownload
Lava X81Download
Lava Xtron PlusDownload
Lava Xtron Z704Download
Lava Y10Download
Lava Y30Download
Lava Z1Download
Lava Z10Download
Lava Z25Download
Lava Z40Download
Lava Z5Download
Lava Z50Download
Lava Z52 ProDownload
Lava Z53Download
Lava Z60Download
Lava Z60EDownload
Lava Z60sDownload
Lava Z61Download
Lava Z61 ProDownload
Lava Z61 TurboDownload
Lava Z66Download
Lava Z70Download
Lava Z71Download
Lava Z7G Download
Lava Z7HDownload
Lava Z7H Plus Download
Lava Z7SDownload
Lava Z80Download
Lava Z80EDownload
Lava Z81Download
Lava Z90Download
Lava Z90EDownload
Lava Z91Download
Lava Z91WDownload
Lava Z92Download
Lava Z93Download
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