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UFI Box Latest Setup – v1.7.0.2661 Update 2023

Download UFI Latest Setup v1.7.0.2661 this is one of the best boxes for all EMMC smartphones. UFI Box supported all smartphones, the latest setup was released in 2023 many more functions were added to this tool. FRP Remove, MTK Auth Bypass, Phone Lock Remove, Dead boot Repair, User Lock Remove, Mi account Remove, SIM UNLOCK Many more updates added to this tool.

UFI Box Setup List:

UFI v1.6.0.2334Download
UFI v1.6.0.2333Download
UFI v1.6.0.2202Download
UFI v1.5.0.2008Download

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UFI v1.6.0.2333 setup: What's New
General changes:
 BUGFIX: Revised Dark Mode UI support
 BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
eMMC ToolBox changes:
 ADD: Special Task in Programming Tab
         - Update eMMC5x Firmware
           Firmware update method for all eMMC 5.x
         - Secure Wipe(TRIM, Sanitize)
         - [moviNAND] eMMC Full Reset (Reset RPMB, ECC error, Factory Reset)
         - [moviNAND] Force boot mode (erase firmware)
 ADD: BOOT_SIZE entry on EMMC PARTITIONING tab (For Micron eMMC)
 BUGFIX: Revised eMMC Fw routine
 BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
UFS ToolBox changes:
 Requires UFI UFS-PROG with firmware version 01.34

 Basic features:
     To work with UFS ToolBox, UFI Box is required for security
      UFS ToolBox license for UFI Box need to be activated once 
      Activation process requires UFI UFS-PROG to be connected together with UFI Box
      Support LS(PWM Gear 1-4) and HS Gear 1-3B 
      Currently support up-to UFS2.2
      Direct(ISP) method work in PWM Gear 1-4 
      Support for UFS CONFIGURATION (Provisioning)
      Basic Wipe, Erase, Read and Write LUN and user partition
 ADD: UFS ToolBox activation routine
 ADD: UFI UFS-PROG Firmware update routine
 ADD: Special Task (Partially implemented)
 ADD: Raw LUN and User partition function implemented in PROGRAMMING tab
 ADD: FACTORY IMAGE functions revised to work with UFS device

Android ToolBox changes:
 ADD: Recent model selection
 ADD: Model list sort improved
 BUGFIX: Improved bypass security routine for MediaTek
 BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
UFI v1.6.0.2202 Whats New :
General changes:
ADD: Compatibility support for Windows 11 (Build 22000.120) 21H2(Preview)
ADD: Dark mode UI support (Check "Theme" in Settings)
BUGFIX: Improved preloader parse Storage Id routine
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

eMMC ToolBox changes: 
ADD: New SAMSUNG moviNAND Firmware update support         
New FFU for eMMC:
KM3H6001CA-B515 @ BGA254
KM3H6001CM-B515 @ BGA254
KM3V6001CM-B705 @ BGA254
KMDD60018M-B320 @ BGA254
KMDH6001DA-B422 @ BGA254
KMDH6001DM-B422 @ BGA254
KMDP60018M_B425 @ BGA254
KMDP6001DA-B425 @ BGA254
KMDX60018M-B425 @ BGA254
KMDV6001DM-B620 @ BGA254
KMF310002M-B305 @ BGA221
KMF5X0005C-B211 @ BGA221
KMF720012M-B214 @ BGA221
KMF820012M-B305 @ BGA221
KMF820012M-B305 @ BGA221
KMFE10012M-B214 @ BGA221
KMFE60012M-B214 @ BGA221
KMFJ20005A-B213 @ BGA221
KMFJ20007M-B214 @ BGA221
KMFN10012M-B214 @ BGA221
KMFN10012M-B214 @ BGA221
KMFN60012M-B214 @ BGA221
KMFNX0012M-B214 @ BGA221
KMGD6001BM-B421 @ BGA221
KMGX6001BM-B514 @ BGA221
KMQ31000SM-B417 @ BGA221
KMQ310013M-B419 @ BGA221
KMQ72000SM-B316 @ BGA221
KMQ820013M-B419 @ BGA221
KMQ8X000SA-B414 @ BGA221
KMQD60013M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQD60013M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQE10013M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQE10013M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQE60006M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQE60006M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQE60013M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQN10006B-B318 @ BGA221
KMQN10006M-B318 @ BGA221
KMQN1000SM-B316 @ BGA221
KMQNW000SM-B316 @ BGA221
KMQX10013M-B419 @ BGA221
KMQX10013M-B419 @ BGA221
KMR21000BM-B809 @ BGA221
KMR31000BA-B614 @ BGA221
KMR4Z0001A-B803 @ BGA221
KMR7X0001M-B511 @ BGA221
KMR820001M-B609 @ BGA221
KMR8X0001M-B608 @ BGA221
KMRC1000BM-B809 @ BGA221
KMRC10014M-B809 @ BGA221
KMRD60014M-B512 @ BGA221
KMRE1000BM-B512 @ BGA221
KMRH60014A-B614 @ BGA221
KMRP60014M-B614 @ BGA221
KMRX1000BM-B614 @ BGA221
KMRX1000BM-B614 @ BGA221
KMRX10014M-B614 @ BGA221
KMRX10014M-B614 @ BGA221
KMRX60014M-B614 @ BGA221
KMRX60014M-B614 @ BGA221
KLM8G1GEAC-B031 @ BGA153
KLM8G1GEND-B031 @ BGA169
KLM8G1GETF-B041 @ BGA153
KLMAG2GE2A-A002 @ BGA169
kLMBG4GEND-B031 @ BGA153
KLMBG4WE4A-A001 @ BGA169
KLMBG8FE4B-B001 @ BGA169
KMJ5X000WM-B413 @ BGA153
KMK8X000VM-B412 @ BGA162
Read eMMC Fw
Read firmware dump from eMMC, generated file can be used directly or shared among UFI users
BUGFIX: Improved Update eMMC Fw routine
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

What’s NEW :

UFS ToolBox release preview:

The UFS ToolBox requires a UFI UFS-PROG device and will later be available as an upgrade kit for current users
UFS-PROG hardware must be paired with UFI-BOX, so you still need UFI-BOX to work with the software

General changes:
ADD: Support for Android 10 with dynamic partitions so the system information for Android 10 should be read correctly now

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: RPMB provision information on identify
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Bypass security for MediaTek devices

Supported chipset
MT6785, MT6765, MT6761, MT6763, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6755, MT6750, MT6757, MT6758, MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6797, MT6799, MT8163, MT8173, MT8695,MT6877, MT6833, MT6893, MT6853, MT6885, MT6873
This function should work for all brands including Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Meizu devices
Some of these chipsets has been tested and some not, please report if you experience any issues with a specific chipset
This function works standalone and FREE but will only work if you have at least 1 UFI credit in your account
BUGFIX: Improved flashing routine
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

!!! WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly !!!

Bootloader Authorization service is limited as "Bootloader Authorization" which is required for Identify, Flashing, Read, Write, Erase and Special Task menu
If Bootloader Authorization request fails, you may retry 2 more times at no cost

For any issue and refund claim because of software bugs, you may write an email to support[at]ufibox.com, please include your detailed logs

Features Added:-

  • Introducing UFI CREDIT for flash authentication, unlock bootloader and repair signed IMEI for new security phones
  • Nokia (by HMD Global) supports flashing(QC, MTK), repairing IMEI, unlocking the bootloader
  • Meizu supports flashing(QC, MTK, EXYNOS), unlocking the bootloader(EXYNOS)
  • Xiaomi supports flashing(QC, MTK), unlocking the bootloader for some devices
  • Oppo supports flashing(QC) and repairs IMEI(QC, MTK)
  • Full support for Nokia phones (by HMD Global)
  • Support for phones with old security and new security version: 4 and security version: 8
  • Support for Meizu with the Exynos platform
  • All Remote Services will be available here
  • IMEI repair support for Newer Oppo phones
  • IMEI repair for Oppo requires to have a pair of PCBA Numbers and Both IMEI number
  • For effective flashing task, you can now automate Erase FRP and/or Userdata on flashing
  • For some tasks(Write, Erase, Special Task, etc) the software will resume the DA session and continue the task
  • Enable DIAG or META mode
  • [META] Master Clear is used to Erase Internal Storage (may work for some old models)
  • Xiaomi Unbind Mi Account(CLEAN Device Only) by SN
  • Added Latest MediaTek BROM version 7.1917.3.0 for latest MediaTek chipset with new PL signature type
  • Many more Features Updates In This Tool
  • BUGFIX: Improved ADB Logcat features
  • BUGFIX: Improved Debug Uart Terminal features
  • Minor bug fixes

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