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SP Flash Tool Download Latest Version 2023 (SmartPhone Flash Tool)

Download SP Flash Tool All Latest Version 2023 For MediaTek Android Smartphone. SP Flash tool is only for Mediatek CPU devices, with the help of this tool you can easily flash MTK devices, update firmware, and remove FRP. This tool is compatible with all operating systems Windows 10, 8, 7, and Linux. You can easily download all versions of this flash tool from here and below is explained step by step how to use it.

Download SP Flash Tool For Windows:

SP Flash Tool_v5.1512Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1516Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1524Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1636Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1644Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1716Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1736Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1804Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1816Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1836Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1904Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1912Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1916Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1920Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1936Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1944Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.1952 Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.2044Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.2104Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.2112Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.2120Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.2124Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.2136Download
SP Flash Tool_v5.2148Download
SP Flash Tool_v6.2120Download
SP Flash Tool_v6.2124Download
SP Flash Tool_v6.2136Download
SP Flash Tool_v6.2148 Download
SP Flash Tool v6.2152 – (Latest Version 2022)Download

What is the SP Flash Tool?

SP Flash Tools is widely used to update software and install firmware of MediaTek Android phones. It can be used to revive a dead Android smartphone phone, factory reset, or fix a bricked device. This tool can also be used to test phone memory.

How To Use SP Flash Tool

  1. Download SP FlashTool and Install MediaTek Driver.
  2. Extract All Files From a Zip File.
  3. Open the FlashTool folder and run flashtool.exe.
  4. After that open, the tool, and click on Choose in the download agent tab.
  5. And select the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file from the FlashTool folder.
  6. After that click on Choose in the scatter-loading file tab and select the scatter file from the flash file folder.
  7. Then click on the download button
  8. Then switch off the phone to connect the phone to Flashtool.
  9. According to the boot mood of the phone, press the button and connect the data cable to the phone.
  10. The option of the green tick will come after the flashing is complete.

Note: During flashing, do not remove the data cable from the phone, otherwise the phone can go into dead mode.

If your phone is in dead mode, the logo hangs, or the phone is locked, after flashing from this file all the problems will be fixed simultaneously and if you are locked with FRP then flashing will unlock it.

If your phone has an FRP lock and wants to remove the FRP lock without flash then you can unlock it with the help of this file. Follow the steps given below to unlock FRP only.

How to FRP Bypass using SP Flash Tool

  • Open the sp flash tool and select the scatter file from the given flash file.
  • Click on the above format.
  • After that click on manual format flash.
  • Open the file named scatter in the firmware folder and search for FRP by pressing control + F.
  • Copy the “Begin address” and “Format Length” and paste them into the manual option.
  • (Ex: Begin address 0x2d88000 and Format Length 0x100000).
  • After that click on the Start Play button and connect the phone to your computer.

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