All LYF Jio Boot Key For Flashing

All the models of the Jio phone have a boot key to flash it in an official way. Pressing helps to connect the phone with the computer. The phone listed here can be flashed with the help of the Jio Flash Tool by pressing these boot keys.

We have given the list of the latest flash file for all Jio mobile to flash Jio phones. Also supported flash tools and USB drivers are released inside the file

Jio has launched more than 20 Keypad phones and all phones can be flashed using Jio Flash tools like Qfil tool, SPD Upgrade tool, and other Dongles by pressing the proper boot key.

Jio PhonesBoot Keys
Jio F210q* & #
Jio LF2401Power Key
Jio LF2402Power Key
Jio LF2403* & #
Jio LF2403* & #
Jio F90mUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F30cUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F61fJio Key
Jio F81ePress the 5 key on the phone
Jio F41tPress 1 key on the phone
Jio F50yUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F101KPress the 3 key on the phone
Jio F10QUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F120b* & #
Jio F220b* & #
Jio F221s* Key
Jio F271i* & #
Jio F320B* Key
Jio F211s* Key
Jio F300B* Key
Jio F250YUP Dpad + Down Dpad (In 4 Center Bottom)

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