Infinix Flash File Download For all Infinix Model 2022 (Stock ROM)

Download Infinix Flash File For all Models and Latest 2022, Stock ROM Firmware ROM Official Firmware File. Here the firmware or flash file ROM of all models of Infinix Mobile is available. And the Infinix USB drivers and Infinix Flash tool are also given. With which you can easily flash any model of Infinix Smartphone. Below is how to flash Infinix Phone, and install the driver. Which is easily shown. All the links given below are direct download links, you can easily download all files without any password.

Download Infinix Flash File For All Models

Infinix ModelFile Link
Infinix X6816DDownload
Infinix Hot 12i (X665)Download
Infinix Hot 12i (X665B)Download
Infinix Smart HD 2021 (X612)Download
Infinix Smart HD 2021 (X612B)Download
Infinix Note 11 (X663B)Download
Infinix Note 12 VIP (X672)Download
Infinix Note 12 G96 (X670)Download
Infinix X6819Download
Infinix X6817BDownload
Infinix X6816Download
Infinix X6816BDownload
Infinix X6816CDownload
Infinix Hot 12 (X6817)Download
Infinix X675Download
Infinix X6511GDownload
Infinix X6511EDownload
Infinix Smart 6 (X6511)Download
Infinix Smart 6 (X6511B)Download
Infinix X6512Download
Infinix Hot 11s (X6812B)Download
Infinix Zero 5G (X6815B)Download
Infinix Zero 5G (X6815)Download
Infinix Note 11iDownload
Infinix Note 11sDownload
Infinix Note 11 (X663)Download
Infinix X698Download
Infinix Note 11 Pro X697Download
Infinix X690Download
Infinix Hot 10T X689CDownload
Infinix Hot 10s X689BDownload
Infinix Hot 9 Play X680FDownload
Infinix Hot 9 X655CDownload
Infinix Smart 4 X653Download
Infinix S5 Lite X652CDownload
Infinix Hot 8 X650B Download
Infinix X627WDownload
Infinix Hot 7 X624Download
Infinix Hot S3 X573BDownload
Infinix Hot 5 X559FDownload
Infinix X521SDownload
Infinix X500Download
Infinix X452Download
Infinix X180Download
Infinix PR652CDownload
Infinix PR652BDownload
Infinix X352Download
Infinix A88Download
Infinix X6812Download
Infinix X6811Download
Infinix X6811BDownload
Infinix X6810Download
Infinix X695DDownload
Infinix Note 7 X690CDownload
Infinix Hot 10s (X689)Download
Infinix X689DDownload
Infinix Hot 10 Play (X688C)Download
Infinix Note 8i (X683)Download
Infinix Note 8i (X683B)Download
Infinix Hot 9 Play X680EDownload
Infinix Hot 9 X680BDownload
Infinix S3X (X662)Download
Infinix S5 Pro (X660)Download
Infinix S5 Pro X660BDownload
Infinix X659Download
Infinix Hot 10i X658BDownload
Infinix Smart 5 X657Download
Infinix Hot 10 X682BDownload
Infinix Hot 10i X658EDownload
Infinix Zero 6 X620Download
Infinix Zero 6 Pro X620BDownload
Infinix Zero 5 X603Download
Infinix Zero 5 Pro X603BDownload
Infinix Zero 4 X555Download
Infinix Zero 4 PlusDownload
Infinix Zero 3 X552Download
Infinix Zero 2 X509Download
Infinix Zero 2 Pro LTE X509Download
Infinix Zero 1 X506Download
Infinix X5516cDownload
Infinix X5514Download
Infinix X5010Download
Infinix X1000Download
Infinix X801Download
Infinix X800Download
Infinix X627 Smart 3 PlusDownload
Infinix X609Download
Infinix X602Download
Infinix X600 LTEDownload
Infinix X571Download
Infinix X570Download
Infinix X559CDownload
Infinix X559Download
Infinix X557 LifeDownload
Infinix X556Download
Infinix X553Download
Infinix X521Download
Infinix X511Download
Infinix X503Download
Infinix X501Download
Infinix X454Download
Infinix X451Download
Infinix X450Download
Infinix X403Download
Infinix X402Download
Infinix X401Download
Infinix X400Download
Infinix X351Download
Infinix X350Download
Infinix X260Download
Infinix Smart 3 X5516BDownload
Infinix Smart 3 Plus X627VDownload
Infinix Smart 2 X5515IDownload
Infinix Smart 2 X5515FDownload
Infinix Smart 2 HD X609BDownload
Infinix Smart 2 HD X609Download
Infinix S5 X652Download
Infinix S5 Lite X652BDownload
Infinix S4 X626BDownload
Infinix S4 X626Download
Infinix S2 X522Download
Infinix S2 Pro X522Download
Infinix Note 6 X610BDownload
Infinix Note 5 X605Download
Infinix Note 5 X604Download
Infinix Note 5 StylusDownload
Infinix Note 5Download
Infinix Note 4 X573Download
Infinix Note 4 X572Download
Infinix Note 3 X601Download
Infinix Note 3 Pro X601-LTEDownload
Infinix Note 3 ProDownload
Infinix K1Download
Infinix Hot X507Download
Infinix Hot S3X X622Download
Infinix Hot S3 X573Download
Infinix Hot Pro X625DDownload
Infinix Hot Note X551Download
Infinix Hot Note 2 X600Download
Infinix Hot 8 X650CDownload
Infinix Hot 7 X624BDownload
Infinix Hot 7 Pro X625CDownload
Infinix Hot 7 Pro X625BDownload
Infinix Hot 6X X623Download
Infinix Hot 6 X606DDownload
Infinix Hot 6 X606CDownload
Infinix Hot 6 X606BDownload
Infinix Hot 6 X606Download
Infinix Hot 6 Pro X608Download
Infinix Hot 5 X559CDownload
Infinix Hot 4 Pro X5511Download
Infinix Hot 4 Lite X557Download
Infinix Hot 2 X510Download
Infinix F818Download
Infinix F98Download
Infinix A9900Download
Infinix Z501Download
Infinix Hot 3 X554Download
Infinix X502Download
Infinix Smart 4 X653CDownload
Infinix Note 8 X692Download
Infinix Note 7 Lite X656Download
Infinix Hot 9 X680Download
Infinix Hot 9 Pro X655FDownload
Infinix Hot 9 X655DDownload
Infinix S5 Pro X660CDownload
Infinix Note 7 X690BDownload
Infinix Hot 9 Play X680CDownload
Infinix Hot 8 Lite X650Download
Infinix Smart 2 X5515Download
Infinix Smart 4 Plus X680DDownload
Infinix Zero 8 X657CDownload
Infinix Zero 8i X687BDownload
Infinix Hot 8 X650DDownload
Infinix Hot 10 Pro X695CDownload
Infinix Hot 10i X659BDownload
Infinix Note 10 X693Download
Infinix Note 10 Pro (X695)Download
Infinix Hot 10 Play X688BDownload
Infinix S5 X652ADownload

How to Flash Infinix MTK Cpu Models:

Download Infinix Flash File and Install Mediatek Driver, Charge the phone 30% before flashing.

  • First download all the files above
  • Extract All File From Zip File.
  • Open the FlashTool folder and run flashtool.exe.
  • After that open, the tool, click on choose in the download agent tab.
  • And select the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file from the FlashTool folder.
  • After that click on choose in the scatter-loading file tab and select the scatter file from the flash file folder.
  • Then click on the download button
  • Then switch off the phone to connect the phone to Flashtool.
  • According to the boot mood of the phone, press the button and connect the data cable with the phone.
  •  after which the flashing will start.
  • The option of the green tick will come after flashing is complete.

How to Flash Infinix with MBN File:

Download Infinix Flash File and Install Qualcomm Driver, Charge the phone 30% before flashing.

  1. First download all the files above
  2. Extract All File From Zip File.
  3. Install QPST Tool and Run Qfil.exe File
  4. Select the flat build option after the tool is open
  5. After that click on the select programmer’s path to browse and select the file “prog_emmc_firehose_8xxx.mbn”.
  6. Then click on load.xml and select the “rawprogram0” file.
  7. Then select the file patch0.
  8. After selecting all the files with the flash tool, the phone has to be connected to the tool
  9. For that, turn off the phone and press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  10. And then connect the data cable with the phone
  11. After connecting, click on the select port in the tool and select Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  12. Then click on the download button. And wait till flashing.