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Xiaomi Redmi QCN File For All Models (Imei Repair File)

Download Xiaomi Redmi QCN File For All Models. All file QCN File is the extracted from official Redmi firmware, which will help this file in repairing IMEI. Using this QCN file from any Qualcomm Tool, you can repair NV Data or IMEI on the phone with Qualcomm CPU.

Redmi QCN File
Redmi QCN File

If you are looking for a file to repair the IMEI of any model of MI Redmi phone, then this page will help you a lot. QCN file as well as flash file and how to flash from which tool flash all information If told, download from the link given below and download the flash file from our side as well and flash your Xiaomi Redmi phone correctly and repair its IMEI number.

The QCN file given on this page is backed up with tools like UMT dongle, MRT dongle, and Miracle dongle, and the supported QCN file is given a full file

Xiaomi Redmi QCN File For All Models

Xiaomi ModelFile Link
Redmi K30Get File
Redmi K30 ProGet File
Redmi 9A (Dandelion NvData)Get File
Redmi 9 Prime (MTK NVDATA)Get File
Redmi 9 (MTK NVDATA)Get File
Redmi Note 9sGet File
Redmi Note 9 ProGet File
Mi 11 LiteGet File
MI Y1 LiteGet File
Mi A2 LiteGet File
Redmi note 1sGet File
note 5 proGet File
mi 6xGet File
mi 6xGet File
Mi 8Get File
Mi 8 LiteGet File
Mi 8 Lite(Platina)Get File
Mi 8 LiteGet File
Mi 8 SeGet File
MI 8Get File
Mi 9Get File
MI 9 LITEGet File
Mi 9 SeGet File
MI 9 SEGet File
Mi 9T engGet File
MI A2 LITEGet File
MI A3Get File
Mi Max 2Get File
Mi Max 3Get File
MI MIX 2S(Polaris)Get File
MI MIX3Get File
Mi_Max_32GBGet File
Mi_Max_ProGet File
Mi_Note_16GB_VirgoGet File
Redmi GOGet File
Mi_Note-3_ProGet File
Mi3WGet File
MI4_LTEGet File
MI4WGet File
Mi5xGet File
mi8 proGet File
Mi8Get File
Mi8_LiteGet File
Mi8Get File
Mi9Get File
Mi9tGet File
MiMax_Hydrogen_32GBGet File
Mi max2Get File
Mi mix2Get File
Mix 2SGet File
Note 6 ProGet File
Note 7Get File
Note 7Get File
NOTE 7Get File
PocophoneGet File
Pocophone f1Get File
Redmi 6 proGet File
Redmi 1SGet File
Redmi 2 Pro 2014819Get File
Redmi 4 PrimeGet File
Redmi 5Get File
Redmi 5_[Rosy]Get File
Redmi 6 proGet File
Redmi 7aGet File
Redmi K20 ProGet File
Redmi Note 5A PrimeGet File
Redmi note 7 proGet File
Redmi Note 8Get File
Redmi S2 Get File
RedMi S2Get File
Redmi Y2Get File
Redmi_2_2014813Get File
Redmi_2_Prime_2014811Get File
Redmi_3Get File
Redmi_3ProGet File
Redmi_3sGet File
Redmi_4AGet File
Redmi_4x_SantoniGet File
Redmi_5Get File
Redmi_5_plusGet File
Redmi_Note_4G_DualSimGet File
Redmi_Note_4G_SingleSimGet File
Redmi_Note3_KenzoGet File
Redmi_Note3_SpecialEditionGet File
Redmi_Note 7Get File
redmi_note7sGet File
Redmi_S2_Y2Get File
Redmi2_Globa_PRO_2014817Get File
Redmi 4 Prada Get File
Redmi 7Get File
Redmi Note_5AGet File
Redmi Note_5A_16gb_[UggLite]Get File
Redmi Note 4 4x_MidoGet File
Xiaomi K20Get File
Xiaomi Mi 5s PlusGet File
Xiaomi Mi 9T PROGet File
Xiaomi Mi A2Get File
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 ProGet File
Xiaomi Mi Note 3Get File
Xiaomi Mi9Get File
Xiaomi MI9TGet File
Xiaomi_Mi_Note_64gb_[Virgo]Get File
Xiaomi_Mi4CGet File
Xiaomi_Mi4IGet File
Xiaomi_Mi5Get File
Xiaomi_Mi5sGet File
Xiaomi_Mi5s_Plus_[Natrium]Get File
Xiaomi_MI6_[Sagit]Get File
Xiaomi_MiA1Get File
Redmi y3Get File

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