Vivo QCN File For Vivo IMEI Repair

Here is the Vivo QCN file to do IMEI repair of the Vivo mobile. Which is the official and original QCN file, this file can be repaired by any tool or flashing dongle to repair Vivo mobile IMEI number.

We have also released a good technician verified flash file for Vivo mobile phones with this Vivo Flash file you will be able to fix your Vivo phone problems.

Vivo ModelsLink
Vivo Z1_PRO_(PD1911F)Download
Vivo Y85A_(PD1730)Download
Vivo X9_(PD1616)Download
Vivo NEX_3_(PD1924)Download
Vivo X21A_(PD1728)Download
Vivo X21_(PD1728F)Download
Vivo X20A_(PD1709)Download
Vivo Y51_(PD2044F)Download
Vivo Y50_(PD1965F)_2Download
Vivo Y50 (PD1965F)_1Download
Vivo Y31_(PD2050F)Download
Vivo Y20a_(PD2060F)Download
Vivo Y20_(PD2034F)_V2029Download
Vivo Y20_(PD2034F)_V2027Download
Vivo Y3_(PD1930)Download
Vivo V21e_PD2107FDownload
Vivo V20_SE_(PD2038F)_2Download
Vivo V20_SE_(PD2038F)_1Download
Vivo V20_PRO_(PD2020F)Download
Vivo V19_(PD1969F)Download
Vivo V17_PRO_(PD1931F)Download
Vivo V17_(PD1948F)Download
Vivo S7_(PD2020)Download
Vivo S1_PRO_(PD1945F)Download
Vivo NEX_3_(PD1924)Download
Vivo iQOO_PRO_PD1916Download
OPPO A53Download
vivo 710LDownload
Vivo A12Download
Vivo V1Download
Vivo V3 MAXDownload
Vivo V7 PD1718FDownload
Vivo V7+ PD1708FDownload
Vivo V9 PD1730FDownload
Vivo V11 ProDownload
VIVO X7Download
vivo Y18LDownload
Vivo y23lDownload
Vivo Y50 PD1965FDownload
Vivo Y51Download
Vivo Y51LDownload
Vivo Y53Download
Vivo Y55Download
VIVO Y55ADownload
VIVO Y66Download
Vivo Y71 PD1724Download
Vivo Y91Download
Vivo Y93Download
Vivo Y95 1807Download
Vivo 0520aDownload
Vivo X510TDownload
Vivo x510wDownload
Vivo y27Download
Vivo y31aDownload
Vivo y51aDownload
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