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Miracle Ninja eMMC Box v1.45 Latest Setup 2021

Download Miracle Ninja eMMC Box v1.45 Latest Setup. Miracle Ninja tools are for Miracle Box and Miracle Dongles user users. Activation will be required to use this tool. Some gadgets come with this tool, you can use it easily. The latest is a tool launched by Miracle with Emmc and the latest features.

Miracle Ninja eMMC Box
  • setup_Miracle_Ninja_Box_1.45 – Download
  • Setup_Miracle_Ninja_Box_1.42 – Download

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Miracle Ninja Box Powerful eMMC Repair Box Version 1.40 (7th January 2020)

Introduction and Released Note Miracle Ninja Box Version 1.40, The Miracle Ninja is a tool launched with the most up-to-date features and is cheaper than the rest of the box and tool. It is very easy to use. Is a tool to support EMMC of all latest and old smartphones

Miracle_Ninja is Fastest, Cheapest Emmc IC Repair Box, Support eMMC
ISP 153/eMMC ISP 169, eMMC ISP 186/eMMC ISP 162, eMMC ISP 254,
eMMC ISP 221 IC, Friendly and Easy to use.

Miracle Ninja Box Features

Read/Write/Format Partition
Read/Write/Format Dump
Read/Write Boot1
Read/Write Boot2
Read/Write EXT CSD
Read/Write User Data
Read/Write GPP 1/2/3/4
Update Firmware
Work Via Test Point
Work with eMMC 4 in1 Socket

  1. Add Programming Support
    Write Partition Config
    Write RST_N Signal
    Change RPMB/Boot Size
    eMMC Factory Reset
  2. Add Partitioning Support
    Write Partition Setting
  3. Add Identify eMMC
  4. Fix Some Bugs

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