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Miracle Meizu Tool Latest Setup: v2.18 Thunder Update 2021

Download Miracle Meizu Tool Latest Setup v2.18. Miracle Meizu tool to work on Miracle dongle, which is the best tool for Meizu devices. This latest update is from the Miracle Meizu tool. The download link is given below. With the help of this tool, FRP lock, phone lock, flushing, IMEI repair can be done. It supports all models of Meizu so that it can be used easily. Miracle Meizu Tool Latest Setup also has some functions that need to be given some credit to do it. Which will be in USD.

Miracle Meizu Tool Features:

  • Flashing MTk
  • Flashing_Qualcomm
  • Flashing Fastboot Mode
  • Read Partition
  • Delete Partition
  • Format Userdat/Cache
  • Format Selected
  • Factory Reset
  • Remove Account
  • Remove FRP
  • Repair Restarting
  • Bootloader Unlock
  • Bootloader Relock

Imei Repair:

  • Supported Mediatek
  • Supported Qualcomm

Models Supported:

M3s (Y15)
U20 (U20)
U10 (U10)
MX6 (M95)
M3X, U30 (M92)
M3 Note (M91)
M2 (M88)
MX5 (M85)
M2 Note (M81)
M3 Note (L91)
M1E, M3E (A02)
Note 9 (M1923)
16th Plus (M1892)
16th (M1882)
15 (M1881)
16X (M1872)
15 LITE, M15 (M1871)
M8 Lite, V8 (M1816)
M8, V8 Pro (1813)
PRO 7 Plus (M1793)
PRO 7-H (M1792)
M5 Note (M1621)
Noblue 5S
Noblue A5
Noblue E2
Noblue M1
Noblue M5
Noblue M6
Noblue Note 2
Noblue Note 6
Noblue_Note 3
Noblue_Note 5
Noblue Note X
Noblue Note 9

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