Kingstar Flash File For All Model (Stock ROM)

Download Kingstar Flash File For All Model, Official Latest Firmware File. Here are links to the latest flash files for all models of Kingstar. Which you can download with one click, flash file, as well as the flash tool and Kingstar USB driver, is also present. Which is given in the flash file folder. Here how to flash the Kingstar phone flash from a flash file is also given in all the links. The method of how to use Flashtool is very easily explained.

Kingstar Firmware List For All Model

Model NameFile Link
Kingstar A1 UltraDownload
Kingstar A11Download
Kingstar A15 LightDownload
Kingstar A17Download
Kingstar A17 PlusDownload
Kingstar A20Download
Kingstar A22Download
Kingstar A25Download
Kingstar B20Download
Kingstar B21Download
Kingstar B23Download
Kingstar B24Download
Kingstar B25Download
Kingstar B32Download
Kingstar B33Download
Kingstar B34Download
Kingstar B35Download
Kingstar C1 FashionDownload
Kingstar C1 MetalDownload
Kingstar C1Download
Kingstar C2Download
Kingstar C3iDownload
Kingstar C4Download
Kingstar C6Download
Kingstar C7Download
Kingstar C7 PlusDownload
Kingstar C8Download
Kingstar C9Download
Kingstar C10Download
Kingstar C10 PowerDownload
Kingstar C10iDownload
Kingstar C11Download
Kingstar C11iDownload
Kingstar C12Download
Kingstar C15Download
Kingstar C20Download
Kingstar C25Download
Kingstar C35Download
Kingstar C50Download
Kingstar E4Download
Kingstar E100Download
Kingstar E110Download
Kingstar E250Download
Kingstar E400Download
Kingstar E700Download
Kingstar E900Download
Kingstar F1Download
Kingstar F6Download
Kingstar F6 PlusDownload
Kingstar F9Download
Kingstar F9iDownload
Kingstar H1Download
Kingstar Hero 7Download
Kingstar I9Download
Kingstar i9 PlusDownload
Kingstar i15Download
Kingstar K666Download
Kingstar KS-15Download
Kingstar KS-A1 PlusDownload
Kingstar KS-A1Download
Kingstar KS-B33Download
Kingstar KS-DiscoDownload
Kingstar KS-Hero 2Download
Kingstar KS-i15Download
Kingstar KS-i16Download
Kingstar Lexia 5Download
Kingstar M1Download
Kingstar M2Download
Kingstar M3Download
Kingstar M4Download
Kingstar M5Download
Kingstar M7Download
Kingstar M8Download
Kingstar M10Download
Kingstar M12Download
Kingstar P1Download
Kingstar P2Download
Kingstar P3Download
Kingstar P4Download
Kingstar P5Download
Kingstar Phablet A25Download
Kingstar S100Download
Kingstar T70Download
Kingstar Titans 5 Download
Kingstar U200Download
Kingstar U999Download
Kingstar X1Download
Kingstar X3Download
Kingstar X7 MiniDownload
Kingstar X7Download
Kingstar X9Download
Kingstar X10Download
Kingstar X11Download
Kingstar X100Download
Kingstar X200Download
Kingstar X300Download
Kingstar X700Download