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Falcon Box Latest Setup: MTK, Qualcomm, Samsung, Moto, HTC

Download Falcon Box Latest Setup: MTK, Qualcomm, Samsung, Moto, HTC. Here is all the setup of the Falcon box or dongle which is the latest version setup file. It is the most box of Qualcomm, MTK, Samsung, moto and is always updated. This box is the setup of Miracle Box. It is necessary to have a DONGLE or box to use all these tools, it will not work without it.

List of Falcon Box Setup 2022

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Miracle Falcon MTK Module V2.0A

Enabled Mtk Pack Support for Thunder
Fixed Server Connection
Fixed Date Bug
– Read Info in Adb/Meta/Flash Mode.
– Read Codes in Adb/Meta/Flash Mode.
– Direct Unlock in Adb/Meta/Flash Mode.
– Imei Repair in Adb/Meta.
– Factory Reset in Flash Mode.
– Remove Frp in Flash Mode.
– Read Firmware in Flash Mode.
– Write Firmware in Flash Mode.
– Read NVRAM in Adb/Flash Mode.
– Write NVRAM in Adb/Flash Mode.
– Reboot Meta Mode.
– Reboot Factory Mode.
– Mtk Factory Flasher in Flash Mode.
– Read Scatter File in Adb/Flash Mode.
– Scatter Editor.

Release Notes Miracle Falcon Samsung v3.2

Samsung Tool Main Supported Features

Read Info (Full Device Info)
-Normal Mode
-Diag Mode
-At Mode
-UART Mode

Network Unlock
-Read Codes
-Direct Unlock
-Relock to Any Network (Mcc/Mac)

Region Unlock
-Region Unlock New and Old Devices one Click

Repair Tool
-Repair Imei 1, Imei2, Serial, Wifi, BT, Prod Code, Hw_Ver
-Read and Write (Check Supported Device List)

Cert Tool
-Read Cert (Check Supported Model List)
-Write Cert (Check Supported Model List)
-Full Verify/Check Cert File Compare with key-id
-Read Skey id from Phone
-Find Key id by Model
-Repair Network / Patch Cert (Check Supported Model List)

-Enable all Languages
-Repair Drk
-Repair Drk ADB
-Exit Factory Mode
-Remove Call me Lock Beta
-Enable diag (2 methods)
-Enable UART Mode
-Reset Msl

-Read/write Nvdata
-Read/Write QCN

Samsung Flasher
-Factory Samsung Flasher
-Custom File Flasher
-Flash any Single File
-Flash Single Partition without full Flash
-Wipe any Partition
-Read Pit
-Analyse Put
-Fix the Download Mode loop

Frp Tool (5 Different Methods)
-Old Security
-New Security
-UART Method
-ADB Model
-Reactivation/EE Lock Removal

Screen locks
-Reset Screenlocks Samsung 4.x/2.x without Root
-Reset Locks for ADB Enable Devices
-Factory Reset

Release Note Miracle Falcon Qualcomm v4.2

FRP Bypass Startup Option
Qualcomm Safe Factory Reset Without Patching System Partition
Qualcomm Full Format Userdata
Huawei Update.app Package to Raw XML
Ability to Analyse Gpt Partition Manually
Support for Newer Update.app Extraction
Huawei Lock Status Check while Flash
Direct Patch Screenlocks in Fw Package
Improved Qualcomm Forensic in Edl

[+] Manual Model Count: 1100+
[+] Automatic Loader Selection for 270+ Variants :

[+] MSM8992 : 3 Variants
[+] MSM8994 : 4 Variants
[+] MSM8996 : 5 Variants
[+] MSM8x26: 2 Variants
[+] SDM660: 9 Variants
[+] MSM8916: 26 Variants
[+] MSM8226 : 1 Variants
[+] MSM8909: 55 Variants
[+] MSM8917: 22 Variants
[+] MSM8936: 24 Variants
[+] MSM8937: 32 Variants
[+] MSM8952: 20 Variants
[+] MSM8953: 23 Variants
[+] MSM8974: 8 Variants
[+] MSM8998 : 5 Variants
[+] MSM8064 : 2 Variants
[+] MSM8064T: 1 Variants
[+] MSM8930: 1 Variant
[+] MSM8960 : 1 Variants
[+] MSM8976: 14 Variants
[+] MSM8x10 : 6 Variants
[+] MSM8929: 5 Variants

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