Download Swipe Flash File For All Model (Stock ROM)

Download Swipe Flash File For All Model (Stock ROM), Official Latest Firmware File. Here are links to the latest flash files for all models of Swipe. Which you can download with one click, flash file, as well as the flash tool and driver, is also present. Which is given in the flash file folder. Here how to flash the smartphone in flash from a flash file is also given in all the links. The method of how to use Flashtool is very easily explained.

Download All Models Swipe Flash File

Swipe ModelFile Link
Swipe 3D Life PlusDownload
Swipe 3D Life Plus Dual CoreDownload
Swipe 3D Life Plus Quad CoreDownload
Swipe 3D SilverDownload
Swipe 3D X7Download
Swipe AceDownload
Swipe Ace StrikeDownload
Swipe Ace Strike 4GDownload
Swipe All In OneDownload
Swipe Elite 1 Download
Swipe Elite 2Download
Swipe Elite 2 PlusDownload
Swipe Elite 3Download
Swipe Elite 4GDownload
Swipe Elite EnvyDownload
Swipe Elite MaxDownload
Swipe Elite NoteDownload
Swipe Elite PlusDownload
Swipe Elite PowerDownload
Swipe ELITE PrimeDownload
Swipe Elite S555Download
Swipe Elite SenseDownload
Swipe Elite StarDownload
Swipe Elite VRDownload
Swipe Fablet F1Download
Swipe Fablet F2Download
Swipe Fablet F3Download
Swipe Fablet F9Download
Swipe Halo 3G Download
Swipe Halo Edge TabDownload
Swipe Halo FoneDownload
Swipe Halo SpeedDownload
Swipe Halo TabDownload
Swipe Halo ValueDownload
Swipe Halo Value PlusDownload
Swipe Halo Walk n TalkDownload
Swipe JuniorDownload
Swipe Konnect 3Download
Swipe Konnect 4Download
Swipe Konnect 4 NeoDownload
Swipe Konnect 4EDownload
Swipe Konnect 5.0Download
Swipe Konnect 5.1 EcoDownload
Swipe Konnect GrandDownload
Swipe Konnect MeDownload
Swipe Konnect Neo 4GDownload
Swipe Konnect PlusDownload
Swipe Konnect ProDownload
Swipe Konnect StarDownload
Swipe Konnect Star PlusDownload
Swipe Konnect TrioDownload
Swipe LegendDownload
Swipe MarathonDownload
Swipe MTVDownload
Swipe MTV Slash 2GDownload
Swipe MTV Slash 4X Download
Swipe MTV SlateDownload
Swipe MTV VoltDownload
Swipe Pocket TabDownload
Swipe SenseDownload
Swipe SlashDownload
Swipe Slash 3GDownload
Swipe Slate 8Download
Swipe Slate ProDownload
Swipe Slice 3GDownload
Swipe SonicDownload
Swipe Velocity TabDownload
Swipe Virtue Download
Swipe W74Download
Swipe X703Download
Swipe X74 3D Download
Swipe X78Download
Swipe X78 FloatDownload
Swipe XylusDownload

How to Flash Swipe Phone

  1. First download Tecno Flash File the files above
  2. Extract All File From Zip File.
  3. Open the FlashTool folder and run flashtool.exe.
  4. After that open, the tool, click on choose in the download agent tab.
  5. And select the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file from the FlashTool folder.
  6. After that click on choose in the scatter-loading file tab and select the scatter file from the flash file folder.
  7. Then click on the download button
  8. Then switch off the phone to connect the phone to Flashtool.
  9. According to the boot mood of the phone, press the button and connect the data cable with the phone.
  10. The option of the green tick will come after the flashing is complete.

Note: During flashing, do not remove the data cable from the phone, otherwise the phone can go into a dead mode.

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