Download FLY Flash File For All Model (Stock ROM)

Download the FLY flash file for all models. Here all Stock ROM and firmware files given for FLY phones are official original files given by the FLY company. All the firmware of FLY is in a zip file, USB driver, and FlashTool are also given in the file folder.

If you want to download the original firmware of FLY Mobiles and want to flash, then this page is a great help for you, here you have been given complete information about the FLY flash file as well as how to flash the phone.

FLY Flash File List

FLY ModelFirmware Link
Fly 5SFly_5S_SW22_20180302_SPD
Fly Eagle Eye ProFly_Eagle_Eye_Pro_MT6580_1112017_5.1
FLY F32Fly F32 V2.3 2013-01-11
Fly F350sFly F350s 519W R07 1G DS NSL
Fly F351Fly F351 V2 R 01.01.05
Fly F352Fly F352 2013-04-26
FLY F40Fly F40 A215S S120 2013-06-26
Fly F40 PlusFly F40+ V08 Build Date 2013-06-21
Fly F451sFly F451s 4.1.2 2013-07-25-0746
FLY F45Q Fly F45Q V1.0.8 2013-06-20
Fly F50QFly F50Q V07 2013-06-17
Fly F51Fly F51 V04
Fly F53sFly F53s V03 V1619B0723
FLY F8s Fly F8s V01 2013-04-12
Fly Flylife Connect 7 3GFly_Flylife_Connect_7_3G_MT6582_20131125_4.2.2
Fly FS458 Stratus 7Fly_FS458_Stratus_7_MT6570_20180622_6.0
Fly FS458NFly_FS458N_MT6570_SW07_20171226_6.0
Fly FS502Fly_FS502_SW02_20150617_4.4.2
Fly FS517Fly_FS517_SW17_20170908
FLY FS553FLY_FS553_Cirrus 9_MT6737M_SW_08_20161026_6.0
Fly FS554 Power PlusFly_FS554_Power_Plus_FHD_MT6737T_20170610_7.0
Fly IQ230Fly IQ230 SW15
Fly IQ235Fly IQ235 SW10
Fly IQ236Fly IQ236 SW V10
Fly IQ237Fly IQ237 SW08
Fly IQ238Fly IQ238 SW26
Fly IQ239Fly IQ239 SW02
Fly IQ245Fly IQ245 S8032 PP F4 RU 1.05 V13
Fly IQ245 PlusFly IQ245+ SW20
Fly IQ246Fly IQ246 SW11
Fly IQ255Fly IQ255 SW17 UKR
Fly IQ256Fly IQ256 SW14
Fly IQ260Fly IQ260 SW V1 0 8 2012-04-12
Fly IQ270Fly IQ270 SW 0201
Fly IQ280Fly IQ280 SW06
Fly IQ285Fly IQ285 SW06
Fly IQ4403Fly IQ4403 SW 2014-05-07 SW13
Fly IQ4404Fly IQ4404 SW 2014-02-27 SW17
Fly IQ4405Fly IQ4405 SW11
Fly IQ4407Fly IQ4407 SW07
Fly IQ4410 Quad PhoenixFly_IQ4410_Quad_SW19
Fly IQ4411Fly IQ4411 SW15
Fly IQ4412Fly IQ4412 SW07 Full
FLY IQ4413 QuadFly IQ4413 Quad SW08
Fly IQ4415 QuadFly IQ4415 Quad SW 2014-04-29 SW07
Fly IQ446Fly_IQ446_SW24
Fly IQ447Fly IQ447 SW12
Fly IQ4490iFly_IQ4490i_SW_20140916_SW10
Fly IQ4505Fly_IQ4505_SP7731GEA_20150401_4.4.2
Fly IQ451Fly IQ451 SW 2013-05-10 SW15
Fly IQ4514Fly_IQ4514_SW06
Fly IQ4515Fly_IQ4515_MT6582_SW08_23102014
Fly IQ4516 OctaFly_IQ4516_Octa_MT6592_4.4.2_ALPS.KK1_MP1_V2.10
Fly IQ4520 PlusFly_IQ4520_Plus_MT6580_V1.0.4_20160809_5.1
Fly IQ4520 QuadFly_IQ4520_Quad_MT6580_09142016_6.0
Fly IQ4522 QuadFly_IQ4522_Quad_SPD7731_05122017_5.1
Fly IQ454Fly IQ454 SW06
Fly IQ455Fly_IQ455_MT6592_SW05_20140519_4.2.2
Fly IQ456Fly_IQ456_Era_Life_2_MT6572_20140530_SW11
Fly IQ4602Fly_IQ4602_Quad_SW05_2014.10.29_4.4.2
Fly IQ777Fly_IQ777_MT6580_05062017_6.0
Fly Life Compact 4GFly_Life_Compact_4G_SW08_180828
Fly Life GoFly_Life_Go_MT6580_20180926_8.1.0
Fly Life MegaFly_Life_Mega_MT6737T_20171205_7.0
Fly Life ZenFly_Life_Zen_SW11_20190321
Fly Photo ProFly_Photo_Pro_MT6739_20180604_8.1.0
Fly Power Plus 3Fly_Power_Plus_3_MT6737M_20180111_7.0
Fly PrideFly_Pride_V001_23012015
Fly QikFly_Qik_V02_2015.01.24
Fly Qik PlusFly_Qik_Plus_V07_2015.01.26
FLY SnapFLY_Snap_V1.0_20150204
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