Download Xolo Flash File For All Models (Stock ROM)

Download the Xolo Flash File, Stock ROM For all Models, and Official Firmware File. Here the firmware or flash file is available for all Xolo mobile models, And the drivers and tools of all are also given. With this, you can easily flash any model of Xolo Phones. Below is a way to flash Xolo phones, and complete information about installing the driver. All the links below are direct download links, you can easily download all files without any password.

Download List For Xolo Flash File

Xolo ModelFirmware Link
Xolo 8x-1000Xolo 8x-1000 S020 21-07-2014
Xolo 8x-1000iXolo_8x-1000i_2015-06-12_13
Xolo 8X-1020Xolo-8X-1020-S014-21-11-2014
Xolo A1000Xolo A1000 4.1.1
Xolo A1000sXolo A1000s S009 31-07-2014
Xolo A1000s LiteXolo_A1000s_Lite_S002_27082014
Xolo A1010Xolo_A1010_S106_24122014
Xolo A500Xolo A500 (4.1.1)
Xolo A500 ClubXolo A500 Club S018 08-05-2014
Xolo A500LXolo A500L S008 20-10-2013
Xolo A500S IPSXolo A500S IPS S003 15-11-2013
Xolo A500s LiteXolo_A500s_Lite_S013_13112014
Xolo A550s IPSXolo A550s IPS S107 2014-07-07
Xolo A600Xolo_A600_S111_11212013
Xolo A700Xolo A700 S108 2012-12-27
Xolo A700sXolo A700s S109 28-05-014-05-28
Xolo A800Xolo A800 S109 2013-01-21
Xolo B700Xolo B700 4.0.4
Xolo Black 1XXolo_Black_1X_MT6753_V8.4_DEV_16102015
Xolo Black 1X HiveXolo_Black_1X_Hive_S112_20102016
Xolo Black HIVEXolo_Black_HIVE_S23_V3_V200_150805
Xolo Cube 5.0Xolo_Cube_5.0_2_S010_06082015
Xolo EraXolo_Era_S008_20150624
Xolo Era 1XXolo_Era_1X_S111_20170505
Xolo Era 2Xolo_Era_2_S109_20161120
Xolo Era 2VXolo_Era_2V_MT6737M_V1.0_M009_20170928
Xolo Era 2XXolo_Era_2X_MT6737M_2GB_S116_V2.0B29_0302
Xolo Era 3Xolo_Era_3_MT6737M_V1.0_M013_20171208
Xolo Era 3XXolo_Era_3X_MT6737M_V1.0_M015_20171212
Xolo Era 4GXolo_Era_4G_S204_20161018
Xolo Era 4KXolo_Era_4K_S005_20151223
Xolo Era 4X 1GBXOLO_Era_4X_1_16_V1.0_S105_20181213_ENG_IN_121110_16
Xolo Era 4X 2GBXOLO_Era_4X_2GB_2_16_V1.0_S104_20181211_ENG_IN_084254_22
Xolo Era 5XXolo_Era_5X_MT6761_V1.0_S108_20190115
Xolo Era HDXolo_Era_HD_S015_14122015
Xolo Era XXolo_Era_X_S206_20161108
Xolo KK Q900S PlusXolo_KK_Q900S_Plus_S002_07102014_emmc
Xolo LT2000Xolo_LT2000_S029_04012015
Xolo Omega 5.0Xolo_Omega_5.0_S035_09032015
Xolo Omega 5.5Xolo_Omega_5.5_S016_06012015
Xolo OneXolo One S011 05-09-2014
Xolo One HDXolo_One_HD_S010_MT6580_20151120_5.1
Xolo Opus 3Xolo_Opus_3_MT6582_S012_16012015
Xolo Play 6X 1000Xolo Play 6X 1000 S010 2014-06-09
Xolo Play 8X 1100Xolo Play 8X 1100 S012 29-07-2014
Xolo Play 8X 1200Xolo Play 8X 1200 S13A 2014-06-16
Xolo PrimeXolo_Prime_S012_01062015
Xolo Q1000Xolo Q1000 M001 25-09-2013
Xolo Q1000 OpusXolo Q1000 Opus S023 2014-02-11
Xolo Q1000 Opus 2Xolo Q1000 Opus2 S011 21-07-2014
Xolo Q1000 Opus HDXolo Q1000 Opus HD S014 26-09-2014
Xolo Q1000SXolo_Q1000S_S016_20150203
Xolo Q1000s PlusXolo Q1000s Plus S008 18-08-2014
Xolo Q1001Xolo_Q1001_S010_30122014
Xolo Q1010Xolo Q1010 S015 18-04-2014
Xolo Q1010iXolo Q1010i S008 22-04-2014
Xolo Q1011Xolo Q1011 S006 22-05-2014
Xolo Q1020Xolo_Q1020_S009_28092014
Xolo Q1100Xolo Q1100 S022 20-03-2014
Xolo Q1200Xolo_Q1200_KK_S014_11012015
Xolo Q2000Xolo Q2000 S122 2013-12-03
Xolo Q2000LXolo_Q2000L_S021_15052015+8G
Xolo Q2100Xolo Q2100 KK S013 16-09-2014
Xolo Q2500Xolo Q2500 S008 13-03-2014
Xolo Q3000Xolo Q3000 S009 02-12-2013
Xolo Q500Xolo Q500
Xolo Q500s IPSXolo Q500s IPS S004 14-06-2014
Xolo Q510sXolo Q510s S008 10-07-2014
Xolo Q520sXolo_Q520s_S007_MT6582_11112014
Xolo Q600Xolo Q600 S015 2013-11-26
Xolo Q600 ClubXolo-Q600-Club-S009-01-12-2014
Xolo Q700Xolo Q700 S016 25-10-2013
Xolo Q700 ClubXolo_Q700_Club_S011_06112014
Xolo Q700iXolo Q700i S020 2013-09-18
Xolo Q700SXolo_Q700S_S012_13032014
Xolo Q700S PlusXolo_Q700S_Plus_S004_05082014
Xolo Q710sXolo_Q710s_S111_15-09-2014
Xolo Q800Xolo Q800 0201 T0670
Xolo Q800xXolo Q800x S010 0201 T5069
Xolo Q900Xolo Q900 S007
Xolo Q900S Xolo Q900S S009 01-07-2014
Xolo Q900TXolo Q900T S108 19-03-2014
Xolo QC800Xolo QC800 S115 2013-08-15
Xolo X1000Xolo X1000
Xolo X500Xolo X500 V1.140 2013-01-29
Xolo X900Xolo X900 ATI M4.9-2.310 2013-03-21
Xolo X910Xolo X910
Xolo ZX Flash FileXolo_ZX_MT6765_4GB_64_V1.0_S106_20190201