Samsung Combination File

Download Samsung Combination File. Here is Official Combination File for Samsung smartphones. This file contains 1 file containing AP files. If you are looking for the latest Combination ROM for Samsung, then this is the best Page for you and you can easily download it with Flashtool and Driver, and here is the Flashing Guide Step by Step.

Model NameModel No.File Link
Samsung A10SM-A105FDownload
Samsung A31SM-A315FDownload
Samsung A5 SM-A520FDownload
Samsung A5 2017SM-A520FDownload
Samsung A50s SM-A507FNDownload
Samsung A6 2018SM-A600GDownload
Samsung A6+SM-A605GDownload
Samsung A60SM-A606YDownload
Samsung A7SM-A710FDownload
Samsung A7SM-A700FDownload
Samsung A7 2017SM-A720FDownload
Samsung A7 2018SM-A750FDownload
Samsung A70SM-A705GMDownload
Samsung A70sSM-A707FDownload
Samsung A71SM-A715FDownload
Samsung A8SM-A800FDownload
Samsung A8 StarSM-G885FDownload
Samsung A8+SM-A730FDownload
Samsung A80SM-A805FDownload
Samsung A8sSM-G887FDownload
Samsung A9 2018SM-A920FDownload
Samsung A9 ProSM-A910FDownload
Samsung A90 5GSM-A908BDownload
Samsung C7 ProSM-C701FDownload
Samsung C7 Pro SM-C701FDownload
Samsung E5SM-E500HDownload
Samsung E7SM-E700HDownload
Samsung FoldSM-F900FDownload
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core SM-A260G Download
Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205FDownload
Samsung Galaxy A21s SM-A217FDownload
Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300HDownload
Samsung Galaxy A30 SM-A305FDownload
Samsung Galaxy A30s SM-A307FDownload
Samsung Galaxy A40SM-A405FDownload
Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A500HDownload
Samsung Galaxy A50SM-A505FDownload
Samsung Galaxy A51 SM-A515FDownload
Samsung J1 4GSM-J120GDownload
Samsung J2 SM-J200GDownload
Samsung J2 2016SM-J210FDownload
Samsung J2 Core SM-J260GDownload
Samsung J2 Pro SM-J250FDownload
Samsung J3 2016SM-J320FNDownload
Samsung J3 2016SM-J320FDownload
Samsung J4 SM-J400GDownload
Samsung J4 SM-J400FDownload
Samsung J4 Core SM-J410FDownload
Samsung J4 Plus SM-J415FDownload
Samsung J5 SM-J500FDownload
Samsung J5 2016 SM-J510FDownload
Samsung J5 2016 SM-J510FNDownload
Samsung J5 Prime SM-G570FDownload
Samsung J5 ProSM-J530GDownload
Samsung j5 ProSM-J530FDownload
Samsung J6SM-J600GDownload
Samsung J6 SM-J600FDownload
Samsung J6 PlusSM-J610FDownload
Samsung J7 SM-J700FDownload
Samsung J7 2016SM-J710FNDownload
Samsung J7 2016SM-J710FDownload
Samsung J7 DuoSM-J720FDownload
Samsung J7 Max SM-G615FDownload
Samsung J7 Nxt SM-J701FDownload
Samsung J7 PrimeSM-G610FDownload
Samsung J7 Prime 2SM-G611FDownload
Samsung J7 Pro SM-J730GMDownload
Samsung J8 SM-J810FDownload
Samsung J8 SM-J810GDownload
Samsung M01 Core SM-M013FDownload
Samsung M01s SM-M017FDownload
Samsung M10 SM-M105FDownload
Samsung M10s SM-M107FDownload
Samsung M20 SM-M205FDownload
Samsung M30 SM-M305FDownload
Samsung M30sSM-M307FDownload
Samsung M30s SM-M307FDownload
Samsung Note 10SM-N970FDownload
Samsung Note 10 LiteSM-N770FDownload
Samsung Note 10+SM-N975FDownload
Samsung Note 8SM-N950FDownload
Samsung Note 9SM-N960FDownload
Samsung On5SM-G550FDownload
Samsung On7SM-G600FDownload
Samsung S10SM-G973FDownload
Samsung S10+SM-G975FDownload
Samsung S10eSM-G970FDownload
Samsung S20SM-G980FDownload
Samsung S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988BDownload
Samsung S20+SM-G985FDownload
Samsung S5 MiniSM-G800HDownload
Samsung S6 EdgeSM-G925FDownload
Samsung S6 Edge+SM-G928IDownload
Samsung S9 SM-G960FDownload
Samsung S9+ SM-G965FDownload
Samsung Xcover 4SM-G390F Download
Samsung Xcover 4sSM-G398FNDownload
Samsung Xcover FieldProSM-G889GDownload
Samsung Z FlipSM-F700FDownload
Samsung Z4 SM-Z400FDownload

If the Phone is locked and your phone is in error mode, its solution is to find the file of the same Binary (EX: A715FXXU1ATA9 =U0, U1, U2, U3, U4) version in which your phone is installed on our website and flash it. Your phone will be back in normal mode.

How to Flash:

Download Samsung Combination File, and Install Samsung Driver, Charge the phone 30% before flashing.

  1. Download all the files in the links above.
  2. Extract all files to the zip file.
  3. Open the tool and Select all File (AP File)
  4. Press the Volume Up Home key and Power button.
  5. Press the volume up button to continue to
  6. connect the data cable with the phone
  7. The Odin tool will see that the port will start showing.
  8. click on the start button to flash.
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