Download Haier Flash File For All Models (Stock ROM)

Download the Haier flash file for all models. Here all Stock ROM and firmware files given for Haier phones are official original files given by the Haier company. All the firmware of Haier is in a zip file, the Haier USB driver, and Haier FlashTool are also given in the file folder.

If you want to download the original firmware of Haier Mobiles and want to flash, then this page is a great help for you, here you have been given complete information about Haier flash files as well as how to flash the phone.

Haier Flash File List For All Model

Haier ModelFile Link
Haier 6150EDownload
Haier 6171EDownload
Haier 6180WDownload
Haier 6190WDownload
Haier A40Download
Haier A42PDownload
Haier A6Download
Haier Aire LiteDownload
Haier BCD461Download
Haier C40Download
Haier E451Download
Haier E621Download
Haier E718Download
Haier E720Download
Haier E757Download
Haier E858Download
Haier EsteemDownload
Haier G01Download
Haier G10Download
Haier G101Download
Haier G30Download
Haier G31Download
Haier G31s Download
Haier G31TDownload
Haier G50Download
Haier G51Download
Haier G61 H02Download
Haier G7Download
Haier G7Download
Haier G7 G552 Download
Haier G7 IDDownload
Haier G7 LiteDownload
Haier G700Download
Haier G701Download
Haier G701 TigoDownload
Haier G7s G61Download
Haier G7s H03Download
Haier G7s RUDownload
Haier G7s SriDownload
Haier G7s TigoDownload
Haier G7s Tigo 10Download
Haier G8Download
Haier G8 PlusDownload
Haier G8P LiteDownload
Haier H01 S002 DUALDownload
Haier HL 6370TDownload
Haier HL 6373TDownload
Haier HL Y1Download
Haier HL Y500Download
Haier HM G351 FLDownload
Haier HM I502 FLDownload
Haier HM I506 TLDownload
Haier HM N501 FLDownload
Haier HT A6Download
Haier HT A8Download
Haier HT I859Download
Haier HT X50Download
Haier I50Download
Haier I619Download
Haier I70Download
Haier I80Download
Haier JS 500Download
Haier L32Download
Haier L50 6171EDownload
Haier L52Download
Haier L53Download
Haier L55Download
Haier L55SDownload
Haier L58 HM G700Download
Haier L61Download
Haier L901 Download
Haier Leisure L7Download
Haier MaxxDownload
Haier P10Download
Haier P4500Download
Haier P867Download
Haier Pad G781Download
Haier Pad Mini 782Download
Haier S1 Download
Haier T750W Download
Haier T757Download
Haier U33Download
Haier VoyageDownload
Haier Voyage V6 R1Download
Haier W618Download
Haier W701Download
Haier W716Download
Haier W716SDownload
Haier W717Download
Haier W717 3GDownload
Haier W718JDownload
Haier W719Download
Haier W757 Download
Haier W816Download
Haier W818Download
Haier W826Download
Haier W852Download
Haier W858SDownload
Haier W860Download
Haier W861Download
Haier W867Download
Haier W870Download
Haier W910 Download
Haier W919Download
Haier W970Download
Haier Y102Download
Haier Y716Download
Haier Zio P2Download
Haier Zio X5Download
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