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GSM Aladdin V2 1.42 Latest Version 2018

Gsm Aladdin V2 1.42 Cracked Latest Version 2018

Latest version 2018 GSM ALADDIN cracked GSM Aladdin V2 1.42 loaders and keys released miraculous team miracle GSM ALADDIN VER -1.42 on September 20, 2017, with all the nanotechnology.

GSM ALADDIN Powered By Miracle team. 

With All Nano Technology

Miracle GSM ALADDIN VER-1.42

Released on 20th September 2017


1.MTK Improve IMEI repair in META mode

2.MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 IMEI support

3.MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 Read/write support

4.MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 format support

5.MTK Add MT6797 reset code/Clear Anti-theft support  

6.MTK Add MT6797 read phonebook/clear frp support

7.MTK Improve Memory Read

8.MTK Improve MT6755 Read/write/format

9.MTK Improve MT6755 IMEI repair

10.Android Add Qualcomm FRP reset(Method2)first

11.Android Add Samsung FRP reset(ADB)first

12.Software fix some bugs

Lots of more…..


______GSM ALADDIN TEAM______

Download Link:- Click Here To Download 

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